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Yesterday I was blessed to get to go bridal gown shopping with my mom and grandma! For all you Michigan brides, I want to tell you about a great place in Grand Rapids called Bridal Gallery.

Bridal Gallery is located on 749 44th St. SE in Grand Rapids. This was the first place I shopped for a wedding dress and ended up spending about two hours there. My bridal consultant–I’m going to change her name to Rachel since I don’t know if she wants her name on here–was super patient and helpful! When you walk into Bridal Gallery, you fill out a little form that takes about a minute or two to complete, and then you are given a bunch of plastic shower rings all in one color. You are then free to roam the store and “mark” each dress you want to try on by connecting a shower ring around the hanger. The dresses are not in plastic garment bags (like another bridal store I went in), so it’s easier to look at the details on them and decide if the dress is worth trying on. Rachel did not “hound” me by hovering around but merely let me have my space. I didn’t even realize until I was ready to try things on that she had apparently been walking around a ways behind me, collecting up the dresses I had marked and placing them in a dressing room. Consequently, there was no wasted time, no standing around waiting for her to gather up all the dresses AFTER I was done looking through them. She kept her distance while I was searching and was not pushy at all.

While I tried them on (I think I tried on about fifteen dresses), she hovered nearby outside the dressing room in case I needed help with zippers or with lacing up the back but was not at all insistent on “babysitting” the dresses the way another store was that I visited. Bridal Gallery had platforms for you to stand on in your dress so that you could see the way the dress billowed out around you and had plenty of mirrors so you could get a good view of the dress. I did not end up buying a dress yesterday but did find one there that I really liked! I’m going to do some more shopping but am definitely keeping Bridal Gallery in mind and may be returning there!

Thanks for all your help, “Rachel”! I appreciate it!