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  1. You have missed work on account of being ill, but instead of going to the “normal doctor,” you go to your chiropractor for treatment. You then show up to work with a doctor’s note from your chiropractor, and your boss laughs but accepts it anyway.
  2. You realize shortly before you’re supposed to leave for work that you need to fit in your second round of homeopathic remedies for the day. You had already brushed your teeth before taking them, and you forget to brush your teeth again before leaving for work. Consequently, your breath smells like alcohol your entire shift at work. Oops.
  3. You’re tired of dentists giving you a hard time about not wanting to use fluoride, so you are thrilled when you find an “alternative dentist” over an hour away who is okay with your choice to avoid fluoride and who also knows the proper, safe way to remove mercury fillings. You gladly drive the long distance instead of going to the “fluoride dentist” located five minutes away from your house.
  4. You determine that the cheap water filters from supermarkets aren’t sufficient at removing the contaminants from your city water. You purchase a water filter that costs $500+ and also needs the parts to be replaced every few years for hundreds more dollars. On that note, you also purchase a special, expensive shower filter because why would you only filter the water you drink and not the water that cleans your body?
  5. Several people at work have been sick. You don’t want to catch what’s going around, and you also want to protect your other healthy co-workers. You bring your diffuser during your shifts and diffuse Thieves oil into your office’s air to kill the germs. People laugh when you tell them the story behind Thieves oil, but then they decide they like the smell and ask why you didn’t bring the diffuser when you forget to bring it.
  6. It’s been so long since you’ve visited your family doctor (because you regularly visit your nutritionist/chiropractor/etc.) that when you change insurance plans, you have to call and make sure you’re still considered a patient at that office so that you have someone to list as your main doctor on the insurance paperwork.
  7. You always go with the health insurance option that covers as much alternative care as possible, such as chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. That way you’re at least getting some use out of your health insurance each year if you end up not visiting your family doctor.
  8. You are sick enough to decide to visit your family doctor after years of avoidance. You are assigned prescriptions, pick them up and take them home, and read the side effects before ingesting. You then decide that the potential side effects sound worse than what you currently have and decide to wait things out a little longer to see if you can get better without the prescriptions.

I live in Michigan, and the latest health scare in the Midwest has been the Enterovirus D68. This virus seems to affect children in particular and has landed many kids in the hospital. In the words of the popular YouTube video from a couple of years ago, “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” from this highly-publicized illness. I read an article tonight that made this frightening statement: “While there isn’t a specific vaccine or medication to treat the Enterovirus, Michigan does have access to a federal strategic national stockpile of vaccines and other medical supplies to deal with a potential outbreak.” See Fox 17’s article here: What on earth?! You’re just going to shoot random vaccines into people without even knowing if they will help? Thanks, health officials.

I know they mean well, but seriously, as scary as they’re making this virus sound, you can do a lot to prevent contracting it (along with preventing other illnesses). If you receive my monthly e-newsletter, you have read many of these things before around cold and flu season time, but here’s a reminder. Here are some things you can do to boost your immune system to either prevent getting the Enterovirus D68 or to lessen its symptoms if you’ve already contracted it:

1. Hand-washing…Even the traditional medical field will tell you it’s important to wash your hands, and it’s also important to ONLY TOUCH YOUR FACE IF YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN.

2. Healthy diet…Anything with refined sugar in it will lower your immune system. Try to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, and protein. Dairy products and grains will worsen any congestion you may be experiencing. Choose water over sugary drinks. Drink a lot of water, regardless of whether you’re healthy or already sick. It will help to flush out toxins and will loosen your congestion.

3. Cod liver oil and calcium…These supplements will boost your immune system to fight off viruses and will also lower a fever. They work particularly well in children. It may be a little painful for your wallet, but try to buy high-quality versions of cod liver oil and calcium so that you’re not getting a bunch of additives, food coloring, and preservatives along with the good stuff. I like Calcium Lactate from Standard Process and cod liver oil from Nordic Naturals (which comes in lemon flavor, by the way, so it actually tastes pretty good).

4. Elderberry tea…This tea does not have the best taste, but it is well-known as a virus-fighter. Make sure you drink plenty of water to wash out all of the toxins it will kill in your body.

5. ViruStat and BacteStat…These are homeopathics from Energique that fight what their names suggest–Virustat for viruses and Bactestat for bacteria. If you’re sick, take some. If you’re not sick, take some to prevent getting sick. These are currently my main go-to when I’m around sick people or if I’m starting to get a sore throat.

6. Acidophilus…Probiotics are becoming more and more popular, and they are a good thing to take year-round. The healthier your digestion is, the healthier you will be overall.

7. Thieves oil…Thieves oil is a combination of essential oils that fight germs. You rub a little on your wrists like perfume and let it work its magic. It does smell pretty strong, so only use a drop. You can also put it in a diffuser to purify the air in your house (PLEASE choose this over spraying Lysol–Lysol use can have some bad side effects). Legend has it that thieves wore this mix of essential oils while robbing dead bodies during the bubonic plague and consequently were able to avoid contracting it themselves–hence, the name “Thieves’ oil.”

8. Garlic…Garlic has been used for centuries to fight germs. Drop a bit of garlic in as many things as you can–soup, spaghetti sauce, etc.

9. Sleep…The proper amount of sleep will do wonders for many health ailments (Look at me, saying this as I write this blog entry at 3 a.m. Yes, I know it’s not smart for me to be up this late.).

10. Lemon juice…If you’re coughing, lemon juice works amazingly well as cough syrup, plus it’s cheaper AND it tastes better. You really can’t go wrong. On top of this, it gives you a vitamin C boost. My family and I like Minute Maid’s frozen lemon juice concentrate; it’s just lemon juice and water with no preservatives or anything extra. It runs around $2.00 a bottle here in Michigan, and one bottle will be good for several uses. Fill a glass with water and squirt some lemon juice into it (let the bottle thaw before trying to use it). Super easy.

Overall message: Don’t be scared of getting sick, but please take care of your health so that you can have a strong immune system and can hopefully AVOID getting sick! Let me know in the comments below what other natural cures you like to use.

**I am not a doctor. Please consult your healthcare provider if you want medical advice, and please also READ THE LABELS on these natural products to make sure they will not interfere with any medications you may currently be taking or with any health problems you may have. Please also follow any directions that may be on the labels. If you are nursing or pregnant, you DEFINITELY need to consult your doctor before you try many of the above-named products.**

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