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Since I am self-publishing Illegally Innocent and consequently do not have a publishing company paying for a marketing consultant, I have done my best in the past year and a half to read up on ways to promote one’s books. By now I have read several books on the subject and wanted to take the time to tell you about one of them.

I genuinely do not feel as though any of the marketing books I’ve read has been a waste of time. Many of them have similar ideas, but each one has offered at least a couple of new ideas as well. For anyone considering self-publishing (or even if you’re traditionally published), one book you should check into is Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace (2nd edition) by Sarah Bolme. Even if the book you’ve written is not considered a “Christian” book, this book still has plenty of good marketing ideas.

There are a lot of helpful lists in this book, including a list of publisher’s associations you can join, a list with contact information for several publications that do book reviews, and a list of awards you can enter your book to win. I appreciate that Sarah Bolme is careful to note whether self-published authors can access certain methods of marketing or not. She also mentions a lot of options that are created specifically to aid those who are self-published, like the Small Press Record of Books in Print, which is designed for books from small publishers and self-publishers. This way you don’t have to waste your time contacting various magazines and organizations that don’t consider self-published books. This book is SO full of contact information for all things book-related—it’s fantastic! You can check out Bolme’s website at

A special note regarding the film Cut, Poison, Burn: I am concerned that I may have made this documentary sound too depressing in my last post…although it is quite sad, it also gives hope for alternative cures for cancer, if everyone does his or her part to speak up for health freedom rights. It is well worth your time to watch it!