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The Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference wrapped up on Friday, and I have pages and pages of notes from all of the different lectures. There was so much great information that it’s hard to pick what to share, but here are a few more writing tips from last week.

Are you looking for resources to improve your writing? Here are a few books for you to check out (I have not read any of these books yet, but they were recommended at the conference):

 English Grammar Demystified by Phyllis Dutwin

Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark

3. Platform by Michael S. Hyatt

A couple of other interesting thoughts from the conference:

If you notice a trend in the topics of books that are currently being published and are considering writing a book on one of the same topics, it’s probably too late. By the time your book actually gets published, the popularity of that trend most likely will have died down.

Literary agent Linda Glaz mentioned that AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives) is a great way to find an agent who will stick to a specific code of ethics. Otherwise, many times agents charge fees for things that they should be doing for free.