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Today is the beginning of a new contest! Killer Colas is an excellent, informative book about the dangers of the ingredients included in pop, energy drinks, Gatorade, and more. It provides insight into why (if you regularly drink liquids other than water) you might be experiencing some of the health problems you are currently facing and how those seemingly small issues can add up to bigger, more serious issues over time. Even some supposedly “healthy” drinks, like meal supplement drinks, are a bad choice when you pick apart the main ingredients listed on their labels. Consuming pop and energy drinks can contribute to Tourette syndrome, hypertension, reproductive problems, kidney stones, and osteoporosis, among MANY other health complications.

This book includes several testimonies of people who were literally addicted to soft drinks and had to wean themselves off. Appleton and Jacobs provide several ways to help you become free of unhealthy beverages (or at least dramatically decrease your intake). Do you know what ingredients like sodium benzoate, bisphenol A, and caramel coloring are REALLY doing to your body? It’s time to find out.

You can sign up for the drawing for this contest on my website,! I will notify the winner by email on September 10, 2012.

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PRE-ORDERED ILLEGALLY INNOCENT! I greatly appreciate your support! The ordering option on my website will now be shut down for a few weeks until the printer ships my initial order of books to me, and then I will re-open the ordering feature. If you pre-ordered, you should receive your order by October 15, 2012 (I will ship your book(s) to you as soon as I get them in the mail).

If you haven’t signed up for the Illegally Innocent drawing yet, make sure you do soon! There’s only about a week and a half left until those winners’ names will be drawn.