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My cousin Jessica asked me my opinion on flu shots a few days ago and suggested that I blog about it. I think that’s a great idea, so here I go!

I know this is quite a controversial topic, and ultimately YOU need to look at all of the studies and decide whether the flu shot is right for you. I also realize that it’s getting late in the season, and if you were going to get a flu shot this year, most of you have already done so. So although this post probably won’t help you out for this winter, maybe it will help you with making decisions next winter.

I have never gotten a flu shot, so I don’t have any personal stories for you related to whether it kept me from getting the flu or not. I have noticed that it seems like a lot of the people I know who get the flu shot seem to end up getting sick anyway. An interesting article on the Alliance for Natural Health website called “Not Sure the Flu Vaccine Works?” says that out of the adults in a study who did not get vaccinated, just 2.7% contracted the flu. Out of the people who did get the flu shot, 1.2% ended up with the flu anyway. You can see this article here: So you actually have pretty good odds of not getting the flu even if you avoid the shot. Even on the website, it says, “Mild reactions such as soreness, headaches, and fever are common side effects of the flu vaccine.” I don’t know about you, but to me, those common side effects sound a lot like the flu itself. If the flu is a side effect of the flu shot, did the flu shot really do its job?

Something else you need to be aware of is that flu shots contain mercury (also known as thimerosal), which contributes to neurological problems, including autism. Thimerosal is used as a preservative in flu shots. For some reason, although mercury is starting to be banned in other products, it is still included in flu shots. You can read about mercury in this article:

I also think this is interesting: In order to decide what types of viruses to put in the flu vaccine, experts predict which viruses they think will be the most common that particular year (see How can they really decide that so early on in the year? This past fall I started noticing places advertising flu vaccines as early as the first couple of weeks of September. If the experts make an incorrect prediction, then your flu shot may have been a waste of time and money.

If you are caught between the two sides of this argument, I only ask that you do some of your own research. You have to decide what’s best for YOU and your health.

*I am not a doctor. Please consult a healthcare professional before taking any medical advice I give on my blog, especially if you are nursing or pregnant.*