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Today is my first day at the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference in Muskegon, Michigan. You can check out the conference here. My mom and I are both attending it (this is her second year at the conference), and so far it’s been fantastic! I am planning to write a few blog posts in connection with this conference, and I’m still hoping to get a bit of editing done tonight before going to bed (I’m meeting with an editor tomorrow morning to get some feedback on the first chapter of the sequel to Illegally Innocent), so I’m going to keep this one short with an interesting insight from one of the speakers tonight on how books make it to the New York Times bestseller list. I apologize to the speaker, Eddie Jones, if I completely butcher this information:

Books selected for the NY Times bestseller list are not based on sales averages from all bookstores everywhere. Instead, multiple bookstores are selected on a particular day (say, a Tuesday in November) and the book sales from those specific stores on that day are used to determine the bestsellers. How some authors drive up book sales is by finding out which stores are going to be used for the next bestseller list and then specifically visiting those stores on their book tours to drive up sales on that particular day that the averages will be turned in for the list. So sneaky and fascinating.