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This book packs in a ton of valuable information about nutrition and delivers it in a beautiful package! Colbert makes it easy for you to decipher food labels and to determine which are the most beneficial foods for you and your family to consume. Far from being a dry read, Colbert has broken up his food tips into short chapters and each page contains gorgeous pictures of food that reinforce the importance of healthy eating. He also provides a great variety of formats in his book, such as charts (for example, his charts on the “Hidden Sources of MSG” and the glycemic index value of common fruits and vegetables); mini quizzes; special “Did You Know?” facts at the bottom of several of the pages; and then, of course, standard paragraphs. He does his best to make healthy eating practical in every situation, whether you are making your weekly grocery list or eating out on a road trip. I enjoyed the entire book, but here are some of the things I found most interesting: Colbert’s list of frozen TV dinners that are acceptable options (although he recommends only consuming them once or twice a week); the practical lists of important vitamins and the fact that he included not only what those vitamins contribute to your body but also some suggestions of serving sizes of various foods that you can eat to get a proper daily intake of these vitamins; and his personal ranking system for the quality of water filters. You can visit Dr. Colbert’s website here.

I enjoyed Eat This and Live! so much that I have purchased a copy of it to offer as my first book giveaway! You can sign up for it here. I will hold the drawing for it on Monday, July 2, 2012, and will notify the winner through email.