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I had never heard of the film Cut, Poison, Burn until I attended the Health Freedom Expo last month. I am so glad that I picked up a copy! This documentary, which lasts for about an hour and a half, follows the stories of several cancer patients, and particularly the Navarro family, whose son was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. He was only four at the time, and the Navarros wanted to try some alternative treatments to fight the tumor instead of traditional chemotherapy. Since their son Thomas was so young, the government would not allow the Navarros to try alternative therapies unless Thomas tried conventional medicine first. By the time the Navarros were finally allowed to try Dr. Burzynski’s natural treatment, Thomas was too far gone to be able to heal. He ended up dying a couple of years after his cancer diagnosis.

This film explores many aspects of the medical industry and why alternative treatments are often hidden from patients. It definitely makes you think twice before donating to cancer foundations and begs the question, “If so much money is being spent to research cancer cures, why are we still using the same ‘cure’ (chemotherapy) that we’ve used for decades?”

For my next giveaway, I will be holding a drawing for a copy of the DVD Cut, Poison, Burn. You can sign up at, and you can find out more information about the film at