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This past weekend my fiance Mike and I attended FamilyLife’s ( Weekend to Remember marriage conference. Initially, we went to it mostly because my parents had previously attended the conference and enjoyed it (and also because my parents paid for it). As we are currently somewhat overwhelmed with wedding plans, at first this conference felt a little bit like just one more thing using up time we could be spending on wedding details, but once we were in the middle of it, we enjoyed it.  🙂 The conference began Friday evening and concluded early Sunday afternoon. Each attendee is given a book that contains notes from the conference as well as blanks to fill in information in the outline to help you stay focused. I heard there were six Weekend to Remember conferences going on in different cities this past weekend; the speakers at ours were Brett Ray and Joel and Cindy Housholder. They did an excellent job and combined humor and factual information in a great way. There were ten sessions, and most of them were held in one large conference room with all 250 couples present, but Sunday morning they divided up the men and women for an hour and a half to address the topic of the differing roles of husband and wife. Also, because we are “pre-marrieds,” Mike and I attended two sessions that were specifically for the pre-married group. Interspersed with the sessions were various times for projects, in which you used a workbook to complete recommended relationship-building homework. At the end of the weekend, the speakers passed a microphone around the room and encouraged people to share how the conference had impacted their marriage relationship. It was cool to hear how couples were drawn closer together in such a short amount of time–one man even shared that up until the conference, he and his wife had been living in separate apartments for seven months but had decided after the conference that they would move back in together and would try to save their marriage. Whether you are struggling in your marriage or not, I would encourage you to check into this conference–it is well worth your money.