What inspired me to write The Anorexic Experiment?

The Anorexic Experiment, like Illegally Innocent, was a book I started writing in college. I may or may not have had a tendency over the years to get a strong start on writing a book and then get a different idea and start working on that one. 🙂 When I was in college, xangas were all the rage. In case you’ve never heard of a xanga (pronounced “zanga”), a xanga is just a blog. I don’t know if WordPress even existed back then, but if you wanted a blog, xanga was considered to be the way to go. Anyway, several of my friends had one, and I finally joined it and wrote mostly short, ridiculous posts that contained inside jokes that only my dormmates would understand. Xanga had these things called “blog rings” where you could join groups of other xanga members who wrote on similar topics as you.

One day I was browsing random xangas (as one does when procrastinating on research papers and such), and I stumbled across a blog ring full of people who wrote about eating disorders. I was alarmed to discover that these people (primarily females) were posting about their weight, their food intake for the day (many times drastically low), and all sorts of “inspiration” to give readers ideas on how to be anorexic and bulimic. I read posts from several of these blogs and was so bothered by one that I commented on one of her posts. She responded on one of my posts. It was so long ago that I don’t remember what I said or what she said, and I can’t find it now. The whole situation affected me so much, though, that it stuck with me and I decided to write about it. I wrote just two or three chapters of it while in college and set it aside until a few years ago when I decided to work on it some more.


My new YA novel, The Anorexic Experiment, releases on Tuesday, June 27! It will be available in paperback and eBook, and I will post a new blog entry with links to buy it once it is out. You can also visit my events page to find out where you can buy a signed copy (more events coming soon): http://angelabaconbooks.com/events/. Here is a quick description of the book:

Although the Jones family may look happy from the outside, secrets are slowly tearing them apart. What starts as a harmless assignment for journalism class morphs into an obsessive nightmare for fifteen-year-old Aimee Jones. A new friend, Josh, complicates matters even more. Will Aimee give in to temptation or find her own voice in the middle of chaos?
Aimee’s mom, Sara, fills her time with cooking and cleaning to avoid focusing on herself. Her attempts to make life healthy for her husband and kids do not equal good health for herself, though, and sometimes the pressure becomes too much. Will Sara take some time to focus on her own needs or keep pushing her problems away until it’s too late?


You will notice something a little different about my name on this book. I have decided to change my author name over to my married name, which is Angela Bacon Grimm. For now, my first book, Illegally Innocent, will continue to list “Angela Bacon” as my author name, but that may change once I release the sequel to Illegally Innocent. If you’d like to read the first couple of chapters of either of my books, you can find them under the “Books” page of my website, www.angelabaconbooks.com.

Thank you to everyone for your support of my writing over the past few years!  🙂

New Website and Cat of the Month

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am so excited to share that my website has a new look! Mike and I finished up the renovations over the weekend. You can check it out here: http://www.angelabaconbooks.com. With this new look, I’d like to incorporate a section for “Cat of the Month” on my homepage. I am on the lookout for November’s Cat of the Month! If you would like to have a picture of your cat featured for a month on my website, please send me a picture of your cat along with his or her name. If you would like your name in the caption as well, please let me know in the email. I have created a separate email account for this project. Please send your cat picture to catpicturesforangela@yahoo.com. If your cat gets picked, I will email you back to let you know the month that he or she will be featured!

I am excited to share that I have been distributing copies of my current work-in-progress, a YA novel called The Anorexic Experiment, to a dozen-ish beta readers over the past couple of weeks and have already started hearing back from them! While I am waiting on feedback, I am working on the manuscript for a different book (title still undecided). This month marks four years since I released Illegally Innocent, so it is definitely time to publish another book. I have two author events scheduled before the end of the year, and I will keep you updated on whether I will have a new book available at one or both of these events. I am going to try a different self-publishing company this time, so it remains to be seen whether that choice will make the publishing process easier or harder than last time. If you’d like to visit me at an author event, mark your calendar now. 🙂 Here is where I will be:

Saturday, November 12, 2016–Santa’s Bag Arts & Crafts Show at Marshall High School in Marshall, MI, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday, December 3, and Sunday, December 4, 2016–Christmas at Wings Art & Craft Show at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday

  1. You have missed work on account of being ill, but instead of going to the “normal doctor,” you go to your chiropractor for treatment. You then show up to work with a doctor’s note from your chiropractor, and your boss laughs but accepts it anyway.
  2. You realize shortly before you’re supposed to leave for work that you need to fit in your second round of homeopathic remedies for the day. You had already brushed your teeth before taking them, and you forget to brush your teeth again before leaving for work. Consequently, your breath smells like alcohol your entire shift at work. Oops.
  3. You’re tired of dentists giving you a hard time about not wanting to use fluoride, so you are thrilled when you find an “alternative dentist” over an hour away who is okay with your choice to avoid fluoride and who also knows the proper, safe way to remove mercury fillings. You gladly drive the long distance instead of going to the “fluoride dentist” located five minutes away from your house.
  4. You determine that the cheap water filters from supermarkets aren’t sufficient at removing the contaminants from your city water. You purchase a water filter that costs $500+ and also needs the parts to be replaced every few years for hundreds more dollars. On that note, you also purchase a special, expensive shower filter because why would you only filter the water you drink and not the water that cleans your body?
  5. Several people at work have been sick. You don’t want to catch what’s going around, and you also want to protect your other healthy co-workers. You bring your diffuser during your shifts and diffuse Thieves oil into your office’s air to kill the germs. People laugh when you tell them the story behind Thieves oil, but then they decide they like the smell and ask why you didn’t bring the diffuser when you forget to bring it.
  6. It’s been so long since you’ve visited your family doctor (because you regularly visit your nutritionist/chiropractor/etc.) that when you change insurance plans, you have to call and make sure you’re still considered a patient at that office so that you have someone to list as your main doctor on the insurance paperwork.
  7. You always go with the health insurance option that covers as much alternative care as possible, such as chiropractic treatment and acupuncture. That way you’re at least getting some use out of your health insurance each year if you end up not visiting your family doctor.
  8. You are sick enough to decide to visit your family doctor after years of avoidance. You are assigned prescriptions, pick them up and take them home, and read the side effects before ingesting. You then decide that the potential side effects sound worse than what you currently have and decide to wait things out a little longer to see if you can get better without the prescriptions.

I am currently booking events for 2016. Here is what I have scheduled so far:

March 26–Flea & Farmers’ Market at the Kalamazoo Expo Center in Kalamazoo, MI from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

May 5–Author Fair at Ransom District Library in Plainwell, MI from 6-8 p.m.

December 3 & 4–Christmas at Wings Art & Craft Show at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI from 9-4 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday

If you are looking for a speaker for your school class or other group, please send me an email at angela@angelabaconbooks.com. I love sharing with others on the topics of writing and self-publishing and have spoken to groups ranging in age from second grade up through adults.




Christmas just ended a couple of weeks ago, but now we’ve started a whole new year of birthdays and (in case you’re planning waaaaayyyyy ahead) Christmas will be here again in less than twelve months. Do you need a gift idea for the writer friend/spouse/other relative in your life? Here are some ideas for you:

1. Paper and ink–It may seem simple, but writers go through a LOT of paper and ink for their printers. Many times I use Christmas money to stock up on a few ink cartridges–ink is expensive, and you go through it quickly if you’re printing off multiple copies of a manuscript for editing purposes. Copy paper is not expensive, but it makes a nice pairing with an ink cartridge for a gift. Looking for a deal? Check for copy paper sales in late summer when parents are buying school supplies for their kids. Depending on which brand of ink you need, it may not go on sale often. However, a store near you may sometimes give a percentage off on general merchandise items; ink is considered to be a general merchandise item, so you could get it cheaper in that situation. Or, if your store offers a few dollars off your bill if you spend a certain amount (like $5 off of $50), wait to buy ink until the week of one of those sales.

2. Signs with quotes relating to a writer’s life–You could get a sign, mug, T-shirt, or something else with a “writerly” quote on it. I have a small yellow sign from Kohl’s in my office that says “I am silently correcting your grammar.” I couldn’t find the same yellow sign on Amazon, but here is the same saying on a black sign if you are interested in picking it up: http://www.amazon.com/Teeburon-silently-correcting-grammar-Horizontal/dp/B00JPI94EQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452104463&sr=8-1&keywords=i+am+silently+correcting+your+grammar+sign.

3. Colored pens–Personally, I use pens with green ink when I’m editing other people’s work (Looking for a freelance copyeditor? Send me an email at angela@angelabaconbooks.com with the subject line “copyediting.”), but I use all sorts of different colors when I’m editing my own work. Corrections made with black ink definitely do not stand out on the page. Bonus points to you if you buy your writer friend some sort of fancy, unusual pen with colored ink. Please don’t buy those pens that have 3+ colors inside a single pen. Many times the ink in those types of pens is of poor quality and does not come out of the pen well after a few uses. You do not have to spend a ton of money on colored pens–I’ve purchased a bag of green pens from an office supply store for around $1 before, and the ink in those came out smoothly and worked well! These pens look fun if you’re looking for a whole set with varying colors: http://www.amazon.com/Staedtler-Assorted-Colors-Triplus-Fineliner/dp/B00VY9U9W0/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1452105495&sr=8-17&keywords=colored+pens. I have not tried this particular set of pens, but they have high ratings on Amazon.

4. Gift card to an office supply store–If you want to let your writer friend pick out his/her own office supplies, just get a gift card. Honestly, office supplies are fun for writers to buy (when they have money to actually buy them).

5. Unique notepads–Writers constantly scribble down story ideas. Find unique notepads for them to use for recording those ideas. I have some notepads that look like sandwiches. You can find a sandwich notepad here: http://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Gifts-Sandwichnotes-Sandwich-Notepad/dp/B008R8RCKS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452105974&sr=8-1&keywords=sandwich+notepad.

6. Shirts/bumper stickers/etc. with the writer’s book title on them–My husband bought me a sweatshirt and bumper stickers for Christmas a couple of years ago with my book, Illegally Innocent, on them. If your writer friend has at least one book published, you could do the same for him/her. Various websites will allow you to design your own shirt or other product.

7. Business cards–If your writer friend is just getting started with his/her writing and doesn’t have any business cards yet, you could offer to design business cards for your friend and pay for them. Business cards are a gift that I recommend you mention to the person ahead of time so that he/she can have some input on the appearance of the cards. You can buy beautiful business cards for low prices on vistaprint.com.

8. Small filing cabinet–Writers have an abundance of papers to keep track of–printed copies of manuscripts, business receipts, marketing materials, story notes/ideas, etc. Help make the writer’s family happy by giving your writer friend a place to store all of that stuff. I know my family enjoys when my papers are not spread out all over my office floor.

9. Change box–If your writer friend is about to publish a book, he/she will need a change box to use for author events. Perhaps you could meet that need before your writer friend has even realized that he/she should pick one up.

10. Offer to help at author events–If you are out of money but really want to give your writer friend something for a gift, don’t stress. Offer to help your writer friend at an author event–you can help set up tables and books, collect money, and watch the book table if your writer friend needs a bathroom break. This offer will be big-time appreciated and only takes your time rather than your money!

What are your other gift ideas for writers? I’d love to hear them! Please take my poll below if you are a writer. 🙂