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Trying Kindle Short Reads

Posted: November 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

As you’ve probably already assumed (or know from personal experience), writing a novel is really time-consuming. I have self-published two novels (Illegally Innocent and The Anorexic Experiment) since 2012 and have one currently in the works. Although I enjoy producing full-length pieces, I would like to publish new content more often.

My husband Mike kept telling me to write short stories for publication. I haven’t spent time writing short stories since college, and I didn’t think most people would buy a single short story that’s not in a collection. After checking into it further, apparently there is a decent-sized group of people who enjoy reading Kindle Short Reads. Kindle Short Reads are short stories only available for Kindle (or through the Kindle app); besides being broken down by genre, they are also broken down into time categories, like 15-minute reads or 1-hour reads. I read a fascinating blog post from this past January that suggested that “There’s a high demand for Kindle Short Reads with a relatively low offering. Kindle Short Reads is still in its Wild West phase—there’s plenty of room for you to get your spot of land and grow it into something really profitable and prolific.” So…I am starting an experiment of writing a shorter piece and seeing how its reception is. I am not giving up on publishing novels, but I want to try something that can be completed and edited a little more quickly. I will be sharing my Kindle Short Reads journey of this first story with you–letting you know how much time it takes, how profitable it is, if it appears to impact the sales of my two novels, and other random tips I figure out along the way. I have been working on a short story off and on the past few weeks for my first Kindle Short Reads publication, and it contains some characters you will be familiar with if you’ve read my other work. I will mostly be documenting this journey here on my blog but plan to post some videos about the topic to correspond with these posts on my YouTube channel as well.

Have you published a story on Kindle Short Reads? If so, how did it go?