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Last week I came across this interesting article on using apple cider vinegar to reduce a fever and thought I would share it with you:

I wish you all a happy New Year!

Merry Christmas 2012!

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I have been sick the past several days and consequently failed to post a blog yesterday. However, there is still a little over an hour left of Christmas, so I wanted to make sure to tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ūüôā Hope you’ve had a great day with your friends and family! ūüôā


So far, I have scheduled two speaking events for 2013. The first one is at the Ransom District Library in Plainwell, MI, on¬†Thursday, January 17, at 7:00 p.m. I will be teaching a class called “Why You Should Consider Self-Publishing.” In this class, I will share my self-publishing experience with Mill City Press, outline the pros and cons of several self-publishing companies, and provide marketing ideas for self-published books.

The second event is at the Otsego District Library in Otsego, MI, on Monday, February 18, at 7:00 p.m. I will be teaching the same class–“Why You Should Consider Self-Publishing.” I’d love¬†to see you if you can make it to either one of these classes!

It was great to see everybody who came to the Otsego Library for my book signing a couple of weeks ago and to the Otsego Harding’s¬†this past¬†Saturday for my book signing! Thank you so much for your support!

I am excited to announce that my book is now sold in another location! You can now purchase copies of Illegally Innocent from Booth 126A at the Alamo Depot on West “D” Avenue in Kalamazoo, MI. In addition, over the weekend,¬†Mike helped me re-open the order option on my website,, where you can purchase autographed copies.¬†Thank you to Alamo Depot for allowing me to sell Illegally Innocent at your store and also to Penny at the Otsego Curves, who has let me sell Illegally Innocent at Curves for the past couple of weeks!

As I mentioned when advertising the “Reader Issue” writing contest, I am not the only judge for this contest. I thought you would enjoy getting to know the other two judges! Check out¬†Claire’s and¬†Kaitlin’s bios below. (Special note: If you submitted something for the contest, we are still determining the winners, but all contest winners will be notified on or before January 1, 2013.) Here we go, in alphabetical order:

Claire Kaemmerling is an experienced reader, writer, and editor. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cedarville University, she moved to Mexico City, Mexico, and spent four years teaching junior high and high school English to ex-pats. Kaemmerling recently relocated to New Orleans to pursue a master of fine arts in creative writing and currently works as a referrals coordinator in a doctor’s office. Some of her favorite writers include Joan Didion, Nicole Krauss, and Anthony Doerr. You can visit her blog at

Kaitlin Marshburn graduated from Cedarville University in 2007 with an Integrated Language Arts Education major and TESOL minor and from California State University Stanislaus in 2011 with a Master of Education. She has been married to the love of her life, Justin, for three years. Marshburn loves to hike, run, scrapbook, read, cook, and be involved with church. Her latest hobby is renovating her 1935 house. She teaches American Literature and Essay & Creative Writing at a vocational high school to pay for all the renovations of the aforementioned house. You can visit her blog at

I will be publishing the submissions of the¬†winners of this year’s contest in the January 2013 issue of my free¬†monthly¬†e-newsletter, which you can sign up¬†to receive¬†on the homepage of

Wishing you had submitted something for the writing contest? You’ll get your chance! We stopped accepting submissions on November 12, but I am planning on holding this contest each year and will begin accepting submissions for the second annual “Reader Issue” writing contest in August 2013. Stay tuned to my blog and this coming summer for the rules!

In Illegally Innocent, I mention a law called “Codex Alimentarius Americana.” Although this law is not real, Codex Alimentarius¬†does exist. Codex Alimentarius is an organization established in 1963¬†that determines the safety of food and supplements for most countries around the world. Various sub-committees of Codex Alimentarius research everything from food additives to pesticide residues.