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Since I am self-publishing Illegally Innocent and consequently do not have a publishing company paying for a marketing consultant, I have done my best in the past year and a half to read up on ways to promote one’s books. By now I have read several books on the subject and wanted to take the time to tell you about one of them.

I genuinely do not feel as though any of the marketing books I’ve read has been a waste of time. Many of them have similar ideas, but each one has offered at least a couple of new ideas as well. For anyone considering self-publishing (or even if you’re traditionally published), one book you should check into is Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace (2nd edition) by Sarah Bolme. Even if the book you’ve written is not considered a “Christian” book, this book still has plenty of good marketing ideas.

There are a lot of helpful lists in this book, including a list of publisher’s associations you can join, a list with contact information for several publications that do book reviews, and a list of awards you can enter your book to win. I appreciate that Sarah Bolme is careful to note whether self-published authors can access certain methods of marketing or not. She also mentions a lot of options that are created specifically to aid those who are self-published, like the Small Press Record of Books in Print, which is designed for books from small publishers and self-publishers. This way you don’t have to waste your time contacting various magazines and organizations that don’t consider self-published books. This book is SO full of contact information for all things book-related—it’s fantastic! You can check out Bolme’s website at

A special note regarding the film Cut, Poison, Burn: I am concerned that I may have made this documentary sound too depressing in my last post…although it is quite sad, it also gives hope for alternative cures for cancer, if everyone does his or her part to speak up for health freedom rights. It is well worth your time to watch it!

I had never heard of the film Cut, Poison, Burn until I attended the Health Freedom Expo last month. I am so glad that I picked up a copy! This documentary, which lasts for about an hour and a half, follows the stories of several cancer patients, and particularly the Navarro family, whose son was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. He was only four at the time, and the Navarros wanted to try some alternative treatments to fight the tumor instead of traditional chemotherapy. Since their son Thomas was so young, the government would not allow the Navarros to try alternative therapies unless Thomas tried conventional medicine first. By the time the Navarros were finally allowed to try Dr. Burzynski’s natural treatment, Thomas was too far gone to be able to heal. He ended up dying a couple of years after his cancer diagnosis.

This film explores many aspects of the medical industry and why alternative treatments are often hidden from patients. It definitely makes you think twice before donating to cancer foundations and begs the question, “If so much money is being spent to research cancer cures, why are we still using the same ‘cure’ (chemotherapy) that we’ve used for decades?”

For my next giveaway, I will be holding a drawing for a copy of the DVD Cut, Poison, Burn. You can sign up at, and you can find out more information about the film at

About Sugar

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Today I read an interesting article called “Sugar Dumbs Us Down” that I wanted to share with you; you can read it here.

I am holding the drawing for the book Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System on Wednesday, so if you haven’t signed up yet, visit and sign up now!  Also…I will be announcing the next contest on Wednesday, so make sure you return to The Healthy Bacon on Wednesday for some information about that!

With some gluten-free cookies, you take a bite and the taste is different enough from a “real” cookie that you are immediately disappointed.  I think the following three types of gluten-free cookies are just as good as “real” cookies.

1.  Jo-Sef Square Cinnamon Cookies—The taste and consistency of these cookies remind me of windmill cookies.  In addition to being gluten-free, these cookies are also lactose-free and nut-free, making them a good option for those with multiple food allergies.

2.  Glutino Lemon Wafer Cookies—These cookies are similar to the popular Voortman strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla wafer cookies.  Besides being gluten-free, Glutino Lemon Wafer Cookies do not contain dairy products (they may contain traces of nuts, though, so beware those of you with nut allergies).

3.  Liz Lovely Chocolate Fudge Cookies—I saved these for last because the above two kinds of cookies are quite excellent, but these Liz Lovely cookies are AMAZING.  I just discovered them at my local health food store a few weeks ago, and when I went back to get more, they were gone!  These cookies are wonderfully soft and thick.  There are only two large cookies per pack, and they might seem too expensive (they’re $3.99 per pack), but I assure you they are well worth trying.  The Liz Lovely website says these chocolate fudge cookies “put brownies to shame,” and it really is true.  You have to try them.  These chocolate fudge cookies are wheat, dairy, and egg-free.

My website has been up for about a month now, so I figured it was time to give an update on the progress of Illegally Innocent. The paperback version is almost complete (yay!) and mostly what remains to be finished is the e-book format. I do not have an exact release date to give you, but tentatively Illegally Innocent will be available sometime in September. It will be $13.95 for the paperback version, and I have not yet determined how much the e-book version will cost. I am planning to offer a discount on the paperback version for those who pre-order, though, and that option will be available soon!

So far I am pleased with Mill City Press. I researched long and hard before picking a self-publishing company, and the staff at Mill City Press have proven themselves to be efficient and helpful whenever I have had questions. Once my novel has been out for a couple of months, I will give a more detailed review of my Mill City experience. As of right now though, I can definitely say I would choose Mill City Press again for my next book.

Some things to look for in the next month:

1. The ability to pre-order Illegally Innocent on

2. The book trailer for Illegally Innocent…We’ve had a lot of fun creating the book trailer! Last week we staged a fake protest.  🙂

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A couple of weeks ago I attended the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago and was blessed to be able to go to Patricia Bragg’s lecture. My mom and grandma had read her books in the past, but I personally did not know much about her until the expo. Despite Bragg’s age (she wouldn’t tell anyone how old she is, but I looked her up on Wikipedia and that indicates she is 83), she is full of energy and quite excited about life! She was constantly on the move while she was talking–walking up and down the aisles and jogging in place at the front of the room at one point. After mentioning how unhealthy it is to cross your legs while sitting, Bragg even dared to tap the legs of those members in the audience who were sitting improperly to encourage them to improve their posture. After listening to her lecture, I picked up a couple of her books. I just finished reading her Apple Cider Vinegar book, and it’s amazing how many health problems apple cider vinegar can dramatically improve or even erase!

In this book, Patricia and her father Paul Bragg provide all kinds of advice on using apple cider vinegar to help everything from obesity to fungus problems to chronic fatigue. They also give information on other supplements and techniques to improve one’s health naturally along with apple cider vinegar. The book contains pages and pages of testimonials from Bragg followers who have successfully improved their health by using apple cider vinegar, and many celebrities even use Bragg techniques to stay healthy. At the expo, Patricia Bragg shared that she has been Clint Eastwood’s nutritionist for 55 years.

The use of apple cider vinegar for good health is not a new fad. People have used it for thousands of years, and it’s much safer than traditional medications. The Bragg company produces and sells apple cider vinegar which is created from organic apples; you can find their brand in health food stores and even in some normal grocery stores. If you don’t care for the taste of the plain apple cider vinegar, the Bragg company also offers other flavors of apple cider vinegar drinks, including Concord Grape-Acai and Limeade.

I have chosen this book for my next giveaway; you can enter the drawing for Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System at! The contest will end on July 25, 2012.

The picture I posted is from the Health Freedom Expo–Patricia Bragg agreed to pose with me after her lecture! You can visit the Bragg website at