Health Freedom Expo Part 2

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As stated in yesterday’s post, this past weekend I attended the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago for the first time and it was FANTASTIC! Here are just a few things I learned from some of the seminars I attended.

1.  From Dr. William Walsh’s lecture “Drug-Free Nutrient Therapy to Heal Brain Imbalances”:

His research institute, which helps people with various mental problems including autism, ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia, has found that there are five main causes of schizophrenia:

          A.  Overmethylation (42% of schizophrenia cases)

          B.  Undermethylation (28%)

          C.  Pyrrole Disorder (20%)

          D.  Gluten Intolerance (4%)

          E.  Other causes (6%)

Here are a few nutrient deficiencies that can impair brain function in anyone:

          A.  Zinc

          B.  Methionine

          C.  Folic Acid

          D.  Vitamins B6 and B12

          E.  Niacin, Niacinamide

          F.  DHA, EPA, AA (essential fatty acids)

Click here to visit Dr. Walsh’s website.

2.  From Patricia Bragg’s lecture “Bragg Healthy Lifestyle to Stay Healthy, Fit and Enjoy Longevity”:

To help get rid of dandruff, put some apple cider vinegar in a saucer and dab it onto your scalp with cotton balls. Leave it on for one to two hours before shampooing.

Click here to visit Patricia Bragg’s website.

3.  From Shelley Redford Young’s lecture “Where the Science of Food Meets the Taste of Health”:

She spoke about the importance of eating enough alkaline foods in order to prevent your body from becoming too acidic (alkaline foods tend to be fruits and vegetables; different ones have different pH levels). Here are the seven stages of acidity:

          A.  Enervation–loss of energy, fatigue

          B.  Irritation–sensitivities, allergies, headaches

          C.  Congestion–mucus, colds, flu, sinusitis

          D.  Inflammation–bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis

          E.  Induration–hardening of soft tissue plaque, fibromyalgia, hardening of arteries

          F.  Ulceration–ulcers, Crohn’s disease, polyps

          G.  Degeneration–cancer, heart disease, stroke, MS, diabetes, etc.

Cabbage is the single most important food in reducing the risk of stomach cancer (Young said this cabbage statement came from Newsweek).

Click here to visit Shelley Redford Young’s website.

4.  From John Monroe’s lecture “Dr. Banker Natural Vision Improvement”:

To aid eye health, juice together apples, carrots, and ginger.

Organic blueberry tea can help improve night vision.

Click here to visit John Monroe’s website.

I learned tons of other stuff (as you can see, I only included little bits of info from four different lectures on here, but I attended thirteen lectures), but it would take up too much space. So, I hope you’ve learned something from the information I’ve chosen to put on here, and I encourage you to check out the websites for each of these speakers. Out of thirteen lectures, not a single one was boring! I learned at least one thing from each of them. If you are at all interested in nontraditional ways to improve your health, consider attending the Health Freedom Expo next year! In addition to holding an expo in Chicago, there’s one in California–which might be closer for some of you who read my blog.

***I am not a doctor. Please consult your healthcare professional before trying any health advice I offer on my blog, especially if you are nursing or pregnant.***

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