Health Freedom Expo in Chicago

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This past weekend I attended the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago ( for the first time. I LOVED my experience there! It is held in the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center, and by attending the expo, you get a discounted rate on your hotel room. The expo runs Friday through Sunday, and there are various speakers every hour from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Sunday’s hours are shortened). There are anywhere from three to six different seminars offered per hour on all kinds of health topics, and it was super hard to pick which ones to attend because so many sounded interesting! In addition to the classes, there are 150 vendors with booths selling various health products and books; I’m hoping to have a booth there next year for Illegally Innocent! The expo is reasonably priced, as you can get a free ticket for Friday, and then each additional day is $20. There’s even a discount if you’re attending all three days.

I was unable to stay for Sunday, but between Friday and Saturday I attended thirteen different classes and one health movie called Lunch Hour. Lunch Hour was fascinating! It was Chicago’s premier showing of the movie, and it was quite an informative film on the history of school lunches and why kids get served such nutrient-deficient food for lunch. According to the movie (I apologize to the director, James Costa, if I have skewed any facts, as I did not take notes while watching Lunch Hour and am reporting this from memory), the government reimburses schools for $2.77 per child’s meal, but only if the foods provided are from a list of 180 approved foods. On top of that, each school really only gets about 90 cents per child’s meal by the time additional costs like staff and proper food safety are added on. Interestingly enough, we spend about $5.00 per meal in nursing homes and about $7.00 per meal in soup kitchens, so why can’t we spend more on the children?! This film is not yet available for the public to watch; James Costa, who hosted the event, said it is still being decided whether Lunch Hour will be in movie theaters or will be a made-for-TV movie. Wherever it ends up, you need to watch it! You can check out the trailer for it at

In an effort to prevent this post from growing too long, I am going to break my Health Freedom Expo experience into two posts. Tomorrow I will share some random snippets of things I learned from the classes I took, so make sure you return!

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